Team Leads: Save time and errors in your code review process by having consistent Pull Requests

Avoid relying on each developer for consistency. Centralize your checks and processes with our GitHub App, work better, save time.

How RepoJoy speeds up your PR review

Automatic PR Restyling

Get your Pull Request automatically restyled with our templates ensuring naming conventions of pull requests and branches. Receive validation statuses in your pull request summary.

Lintern Automatic Execution

Ensure standardized code styling across the team automatically. All your code will be 100% styled handsfree. ESLint works for Javascript & Typescript. It works and it's magic!

Jira Linked Check

Ensure every PR is linked to its JIRA ticket. Stay aligned with best practices and improve your code review speed.

PR Automatically Labeled

Our AI labels and filters immediately your PRs by type (Feat, Bug, Config). Always follow a standardized convention for naming.

Ensure commit convention

No more time wasted in naming convention highlights in code reviews. Get your commits looking great and standardized within seconds.

Languange Standardization

No matter what you speak, you can have all your repository in the same language.

We integrate google translate in your PR with just one command.

Hey! Team Leader. Ensure consistency across your team without any effort

Save time in code review by having repository standarized.

Get more clear and consistent descriptions to improve your senior devs speed and efficiency.

Meaningful PR Descriptions

Avoid many PR comments by having a standardized description by using our PR templates. Automatically validate naming conventions of pull requests, branches, and commit messages.

Stay aligned with best practices.

We make it easy to maintain, or transition to a consistent coding style across your entire organization by integrating ESLint directly into your existing Pull Request process.


Happy Users

" Through git pre-commit hooks, a single developer can get a great workflow for automatically dealing with style.

Doing this across a team, on the other hand, can be challenging. RepoJoy help us to ensure consistency all over our repositories"

Joaquin Mazoud

Engineering Manager, Hitocean

"We look at an old Repo and we can't believe how messy it was. Now we don't waste time during code review anymore! Now the review time is faster and easier than before. We have RepoJoy to take care of the consistency."

Ramiro Bianchi

Founder & CEO, Vansur LLC


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